Certain Realities

With a camera, we can cross all boundaries of time, place, and politics. A photograph translates our dialogue onto its surface. Through each lens lies a moment of communication and an infinity of narratives. Certain Realities of Lizy Manola celebrates Manola’s fascination with everyday existence, capturing the essence of documentary and portrait photography. Filled with breathtaking images from around the globe, this book immerses the reader in the visual voice Manola developed while traveling with camera in hand. For this Athens-born photographer, exploration has always been a key element in her work, a theme that is strikingly evident in her evocative photographs of street life from India, Morocco, Russia, and many more exotic locations.

ISBN: 9782759405374

Ethiopian Highlands

Across the sands of time, Ethiopia has embodied fantasy and intrigue. It is a diverse and ever-changing mosaic of culture, with a geography ranging from the lowlands of the semi-desert to the mountainous peaks of the highlands. Ethiopia’s history is rich: it has been a supporter of Christianity for the Crusaders in the Middle Ages, a symbol of resistance to European colonization in the late 19th century, and, most recently, a recipient of aid due to its extreme poverty. Ethiopian Highlands offers a striking look into this world of contrasts. As magnificent frescoes, these vibrant, intimate images captured by Lizy Manola, whose Greek nationality connects her implicitly to Ethiopia’s past, bring us to the very heart of this ancient land. Ethiopian Highlands unearths the myths of the country whose three-thousand-year-old civilization is seen by many as the birthplace of humanity.

ISBN-13: 978-1614282969
ISBN-10: 161428296X